Rules sections

Board rules

This page is designed to explain your responsibilities as a member of our forum. By following these rules, we ensure that our board runs smoothly and without problems. If you have any question regarding these rules, do not hesitate to contact a staff member with your question.

  1. Member's Rules

    1. Netiquette (Be nice!)

      • Please be nice! You are welcome to share your thoughts, ideas and philosophies round the underwater world. But... we do not allow disrespectful speech, insults, racists’ remarks or personally attacks.
      • The board owners and the moderators deserve the right to edit or remove such postings. In case of repeated rule infringements you will be warned or banned.
    2. Posting Off-site Material

      • Be sure, that you ask first before posting someone elses copyrighted work.
      • Do not share drawings, photos and links, if the owner clearly demands the copyright.
      • If an infringement is clearly given, the moderators will delete these postings without notifying the member, who has posted the contributions.
    3. Off Topic Threads

      • All contributions on this forum must be related to the topic of the sub-boards. Any material deemed not to be related to this forums genre will be removed.
      • The Moderators deserve the right to Close or remove threads with off-topic content.
    4. Underage Material

      • Any photos, drawings and links that are uploaded/displayed here that show any person(s) under the age of 18 or look to be under the age of 18 shall be removed promptly by a moderator.

      • There is no exception! Even if the young people are clothed or in harmless poses!

      • If you post and share such media you will be warned or banned. Please check your uploads and if you are in doubt ask the moderators first or stay safe and do not post it.
      • Please avoid explicit porn in your avatar.
    5. Support Our Producers Copyright!

      • We support our Producers within our community and all producers of underwater media. Help them to stop media-piracy. All producers must work hard and spend enormous costs to release their products.
      • Please support them too and buy their products instead of downloading illegal published products.

        Mind the Copyright!
      • If you are caught downloading our producers clips from illegal websites you will be banned. If you are caught sharing these Clips(links) on here or on another site you will be warned or banned.
      • If you are unsure whether what you are posting is from a producer still in business please send one of moderators a private message where we will gladly assist you.